Lou Wheatcraft

Lou Wheatcraft


Lou Wheatcraft - Senior Systems Engineer

Lou Wheatcraft is a senior consultant and managing member of Wheatland Consulting, LLC. Lou is an internationally recognized expert in systems engineering with a focus on needs, requirements definition and management and verification and validation across the system lifecycle. Lou has over 50 years’ experience in systems engineering, including 22 years in the United States Air Force.

Lou has taught over 200 requirement seminars over the last 23 years. Lou supports clients from government and industries involved in developing and managing systems and products including aerospace, defense, medical devices, consumer goods, transportation, and energy. Lou is very active in the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and is a past chair and current co-chair of the Requirements Working Group (RWG).

Lou is a principal author of several RWG manuals and guides including the Needs and Requirements Manual (NRM), Guide to Needs and Requirements GtNR), Guide to Verification and Validation (GtVV), and newly released version 4 of the Guide to Writing Requirements (GtWR).